How short cuts tend to cut short almost everything.

There are a number of reasons performers choke when the pressure is on to deliver. One of which is the side stepping of certain steps in the process to becoming. Sometimes these steps are deemed unnecessary and at other times they are considered too difficult and not worth the trouble.

Deemed not necessary because afterall, performance levels are already above 95% of the population – why go any farther?

It takes time.

As a background, some things take days to become, while others take much longer. It’s this day to day grind that builds capacity to the point where the right decisions can be taken. The more thorough this process is, the more likely performance is consistent.

But it’s worth it.

Needless to say, there are no shortcuts to building anything worth remembering and one would do well to invest in the process and learn the lessons. One can only imagine the amount of progress that could be recorded if the right track is taken and again, consistently so.

To the surprise of some, the recent popularity of slow food is on the rise again, thanks in part to the many health issues associated with fast food. But also thanks to deliberate methods that take more time (hours actually) to produce the best tasting food.

“No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” Warren Buffet

A new way to think.

According to research by Goldman Sachs consumers, especially those of the millennial generation are among the most health conscious group and have started to ask questions surrounding the full costs of fast food. That is, are the health risks of fast food worth the time saved?

Speed by all means is still important, but if quality (that is, the health conscious kind) could be added, then all the better. Now, it is these kind of “consumer-thoughtfulness” that stands out one competitor from the other.

What the work needs.

This also underscores an important part of becoming the leader the world so desperately needs –always learning, looking at new ways to becoming better, putting in the hours on the treadmill of value delivery, building the best possible experience for the customer.

Making the right investments.

Sometimes, the best days are ahead because the right investments have been made in the past – a track record of achievement, remarkable displays of talent, drive or just that warm and ready mind hungry enough to put in the necessary effort own product or service types, not by obliterating the competition, but by creating the best product or service possible. But a caveat; it’s also those weak connections that sometimes land the right opportunities

With time, there are no weaknesses.

In another vein (and this, much debated), it is those traits currently defined as “weaknesses” that make one a right fit for opportunities of the future. This is because as times change and societies evolve, behavioural patterns deemed unsociable become exact fits for certain job types.

So for example, introverts once regarded as too awkward have long lasting impact on their teams, much less lead organisations are now praised for their strong leadership abilities.

All part have a role to play.

It has been said that the tree is not in the seed. Yes, you read that correctly. The tree is not in the seed, for if it were, a seed would grow on asphalt pavement – anywhere in the world. Or, all seeds could grow everywhere. Part of the tree is in the soil, another part is in the wind, and yet another part is in the rain and the list goes on and on.

The tree (or desired outcomes) depends on input from a wide variety of sources that cannot be effectively harnessed through short cuts.

Put in the effort to learn the right lessons and consistently so for therein lies the secrets of long term leadership.


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