The world was never flat (and why this is good for you).

Ideas are always waiting to be displaced.

It was once believed that the world was flat and if ships sailed too far, they would fall off some imaginary cliff. All contrary opinions were treated to the latest methods of torture. This suggests that man has always seen things not as they are, but as he preferred to.

Again, it was once believed that twins were to be killed because it was the “right” thing to do. Why was it the right thing to do? Because they were supposedly possessed by “evil” spirits. And those who carried out the executions were possessed by what exactly?

Some held the idea that there would never be need for more than 5 computers in the world and others that sound could never be successfully transmitted over a distance. Again, certain ailments were held as incurable – until summarily dispatched by the most basic of remedies.

It is a distinctive quality of the environment to strongly suggest where the barriers are, what the limits should be, and what is likely to happen if they were crossed. In some cases, this is correct in that jumping out of a moving car will have consequences irrespective of any ideas held by the subject.

However, there are times where it is of absolute importance that these rules be re-written for the sake of a future worth living in. A future of sharing the new, communicating the best and raising the bar on the way life is lived. To replace the existing with the better.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Peter Drucker

Thing is, today’s box (of “think out of the box” fame) was yesterday’s breakthrough idea that has overstayed its welcome. Stepping out of the box is necessary, for that was how the present box was entered – by stepping out of the previous box, displacing the reigning idea of the day.

Going beyond this charge to step out of the box, it is equally important (if not more so) to stay the course of a new idea, process or strategy irrespective of the roadblocks ahead. Ideas must also be challenged so that they get stronger, more refined and so that the innovators build the internal fortitude necessary to spread the idea once fully developed.

Of course, there are instances where objections to an idea should be completely disregarded. But then there are also instances where objections should be curated and seen for what they are – constructive feedback.

Every idea is waiting to be displaced. Make sure it’s not yours.

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