The Last Mistake


Is getting distracted.

By your past performance.

By the performance of the competition

By the market, the Government etc.


 One More Thing

The idea seems to be that the more content or product we put out there, the sooner we get the customer engaged.

Well, that may be true in today’s increasingly congested market place, the test remains to stand out. And some times, the effort to find that single sound, move, design, word, play or combination of the above can seem endless.


Sometimes, that’s all that’s required to break through, or

To get inspired once again

To believe as it were the beginning again

To contribute to humanity

To make the world a better place.

So, sometimes, it’s just one more thing.

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3 Ways to Get Promoted in your Career


Yes. I may know how.


Run through the hoops, exceed (not meet) set targets. Do your time on a grade level. Navigate the politics carefully. Get promoted in the end (hopefully). Least effort required. The traditionalist stands the highest risk of becoming irrelevant. This system remains is the leading cause of in house fraud and employee disloyalty due because, with one missing link, some offended senior, one missed target, some bad wind and no super achievement at any prior point and it’s all gone. All the ORDINARY effort. Gone. The firm owns you. So you wait a cycle (or more). Sorry.


Traditional + No steps missed. No offended seniors/clients. Lots of bells and whistles (extras, icing on the cake, etc.), ‘A’ grade performer. More effort required than Traditional. Medium risk of becoming irrelevant. Seniors rooting for you. Get promoted. Most likely. While better than Traditional, one is still somewhat at the mercy of the firm, who is not always rational. The firm owns you 50%. Well…


Expert + AggressivelyUpskilledSalesman.

A constant and immense drive to improve skill level BEYOND one’s core competence. Investment in relationships and personal brand in the MARKET. Focus is on opportunities to add SIGNIFICANT value. Offend the client (ONLY when necessary!). Always selling value to the market, not just to the in – house powers that be. An unbelievable amount of effort required. Always relevant. The market is your client. The firm can proceed as it deems fit. You own you. Always headhunted. 100%. Sweet.

Decide what you want to be AND GO FOR IT.