Why You Should Say “No” to Fear

There are the clear instructions from the teacher called fear.

“Do this and you lose that, do these and the consequences are as follows…”Very clear warnings complete with ever clearer examples of what could go wrong and so we decide never to even think that direction, never to explore, never to attempt.

This is one danger.There is however, a more serious consequence of staying in fear.

Let’s call it type 2.

This is the type that gradually grows on you after staying in one position for far too long. It gradually reduces the willingness to attempt something new. The type that slows down our ability to read the environment for the next wave of opportunity, preferring to stay in a position of comfort – however well worn. The kind that progresses to shooting down other innovations.


But without innovation, there is no future – not even one with the luxury of entertaining fear.

“If you aren’t living on the edge, you are taking up too much space” – Stephen Hunt.


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