Picture Perfect

Every generation has its definitions of what it means to be successful.

Personal wealth, business size, staff strength and access to power are to name but a few. Some say families must live in certain places, spouses must look in a certain way, and children must go to certain schools to be deemed successful.

Looking through history, however, we understand that the best and the brightest ideas, people have come from some of the most unexpected places from some of the most interesting circumstances.


The 21st century seems to be the generation that has shown that there is much to be expected from the unexpected. Every aspect of society is being questioned consistently and those that make the necessary adjustments live to see the next set of necessary adjustments.

The nature of disruption is such that the businesses that get upstaged were doing exactly what they should have. They were picture perfect. Only, the market had changed and they weren’t aware.

So, it’s important to ensure that the definitions of perfect we strive to attain is right.


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