3 Things Worth Fighting For

The story goes that the military leader Constantine in AD 313 won a battle due to a sign he saw in the sky and decided to fight and defend the Church. Either because of a sense of duty, or political expedience, Thurlow Weed fought in the background for the success of several politicians in the hope that they would pave the way for people to have a better life.

This is the nature of real results. Someone somewhere had to fight, to put in the effort – and consistently so, for the business idea, the concept or the belief system to see the light of day.

At some point, you will need to fight for your idea, rebrand, recalibrate, re position or do what you can to ensure that the idea doesn’t die. Where ideas are not fought for a business is lost, society is made less colourful and life is made difficult for those who might have benefited from the idea.


Of course, there are ideas that run contrary to the advancement of society and these should be fought against. To be specific, here are some areas where fighting is key;

1. Ourselves – by going beyond past failures, limiting belief patterns, doubts and fears. Getting better organised, building relationships and adopting a learning mindset.

2. Inferior Products and Services – by making our products consistently better and presenting them in ways convenient for the customer to accept.

3. Our Environment – by expecting resistance from the environment (competition, wrong customers and processes) and finding new ways around old problems)

So, in the end don’t go with the flow, rather, choose to fight one more time, because as every winner knows, the victory is always worth it.



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