How to Avoid Career Pitfalls

First know what they are.

1. The system is not about you (sorry)

The system is about the customer – as understood by the current set of business leaders. The objective of organisations is to make profit. This is done by getting the best products to the market at the lowest possible prices. Either this, or creating some monopoly via patenting an invention, specialist knowledge of a process, or just creating something completely new.


2. The standards are now global.

Employees should realise that competition is on a global scale and should do all that is within their power to get better at assigned tasks. The days of whining about not been empowered are long gone (for the forward thinking employee, that is) and as Charles Handy was once asked by a sympathetic and experienced company hand; “If you don’t invest in yourself, why should the company?” What this means is, over a period of say 5 years, the depth and spread of your experience should be significant.

In general, employers tend to agree that there is more value to be gotten from diverse employees than, especially for managerial positions.


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