Betting the Farm (Again)

Is the way entrepreneurs win.

In today’s economy, most projects that see the light of day have usually gone through so much ‘’normalisation’’, they are rendered impotent, more suited to the current scheme of things. They are usually not positioned for any emerging opportunities. In effect, seemingly ’out of scope’ opportunities are left alone.

And this is also why innovation is always disruptive. The outlier is left to become the next best thing and when fully grown, upstaging more established firms in the process.


In his book Rework, author Jason Fried sees planning as guess work. There is so much change out there for a business to stick to one system of achieving its goals. A business than plans based on today’s estimation of events may expect to see how tomorrow begins. Seeing how tomorrow ends, however, is an entirely different ball game altogether.

Take the risk. Bet the farm.


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