Betting the Farm (Again)

Is the way entrepreneurs win.

In today’s economy, most projects that see the light of day have usually gone through so much ‘’normalisation’’, they are rendered impotent, more suited to the current scheme of things. They are usually not positioned for any emerging opportunities. In effect, seemingly ’out of scope’ opportunities are left alone.

And this is also why innovation is always disruptive. The outlier is left to become the next best thing and when fully grown, upstaging more established firms in the process.


In his book Rework, author Jason Fried sees planning as guess work. There is so much change out there for a business to stick to one system of achieving its goals. A business than plans based on today’s estimation of events may expect to see how tomorrow begins. Seeing how tomorrow ends, however, is an entirely different ball game altogether.

Take the risk. Bet the farm.


One More Day

Every business cycle gives ample opportunity to reconsider aspirations, give in to the competition, and accede to the demands that are out of the strategic direction.

These demands tend to be sustained once given an inch of space and can wear down all efforts. This is especially true where all known efforts to advance have met with loud and clear failure.

mountain climbing

Don’t give in, not now.

Because you owe it to humanity, to the future, to those who believe, to those who will choose to continue the struggle because you did not give in, give up or raise the white flag.

So, you can give up, but not now.

No, not now.

When You Don’t Know What to Do

Go deeper.

Ever been that situation where you just knew you were right, until it was confirmed that you were wrong?

Getting beyond that, it appears there is the desire to be sought after as being wise knowing the way and giving the best solution. So we give long winding and passionate arguments about thing we haven’t looked at closely. This is a human tendency to save face, protect our reputation and such.


To be in the position to take big decisions, one must have taken the small ones correctly. We cannot skip the small ones, and then expect to be invited to the table to take the big decisions. Put in the effort, build the skill and be remembered forever.

You have to start the car before you decide what speed to take on the highway. You must have decided correctly on what type of copier paper to buy, before you are invited to decide where the new offices would be opened. In summary, you should work on building a good track record. Learning a thing well enough to give a good opinion.

A well guided and sound opinion. This is what moves enterprise forward, and this is what guides enterprise to the next level.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” – Muhammad Ali

Or would you advise a freshly minted surgeon for open heart bypass surgery on the president of the United States?

But I’m sure you get my point.

On Speech and Speaking

Needless to say the objective of speech is to communicate, to get the message across, to inspire some kind of action (or inaction)

To make sense.


The aim of speech is not simply to be heard, to make a point known in the aggressive sense (save for military dictators and the like) to “let it all out’, to rant.

So communicate with the audience in mind, not necessarily sacrificing your uniqueness, but placing more importance on how the information is received.

If not this, then why communicate in the first place?”

What Work Does

Many things, if you think about it.

And this is especially so at the start of a career as certain work environments foster certain attributes none of which are bad in themselves.

For example, relationship management roles tend demand more thought to the end state of the customer, investment businesses foster a certain level of aggression and zero tolerance for error, with operations instilling an appreciation for detail.

Manager and secretary working in the office

Thing is, these attributes have advantages, but when taken to excess they create narrow minded executives. Needless to say, the big picture is always important.

Therefore choose where you work carefully, and where the choice presents itself, choose a better work environment over better pay.

Contradictions and Collaborations

Only contradictions can collaborate.

Allow and explanation.

Alfred P. Sloan advised that talent be chosen for projects based on what they are able to do, and not on their personalities. Some people love noise, some work best in quiet, others like much talk, some would rather not say a word. While this example seems simplistic, it stresses a point. People are different and managing this well will bring about effective team work.

contradictions 2

The cross border nature of business also means that talent will come from different tribes, ethnicities, and consequently different ways of thinking.

Select for talent and manage personality differences.

Because this is what the best teams do.


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