What I Learnt From a 22 Year Business Veteran

I recently sat in a strategy session listening to a 22 year business veteran speak on service quality to a much younger age group. With each statement it became even more apparent that he was from another generation and this was not because of the years of experience. It was because he had consistently expressed an uncommon depth of concern for various customers. People like this are critical to every business, and the CEOs know this.

The intention behind almost every start up is to last as long as possible, forever maybe. This ideal forms part of vision and mission statements repeated in some form or the other at every meeting, call or campaign. However, getting employees, suppliers and partners at every level to act accordingly is where the strength of a vision is tested.

The rules of business growth and expansion have changed from one of capacity and scale to also include speed and quality (at the lowest costs possible) and unless firms consistently emphasise these, the vision might not be realised. Firms reaching 100% vision attainment would largely depend on their interaction with the environment.

A renewed aggression for investment on quality in every product and service (and an enlightened concern for every customer) is a good starting point.

Yes, every product and every customer.


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