The Reason our World Still Needs Dreamers (Persisting Lunatics, actually)


Every once in a while, societies are upended, and life is significantly redefined. Standards change and the norm no longer works. Choosing to continue in old patterns become inconvenient and impractical. Persisting in same (as few usually do) has seen the end of many an organization. The light bulb replaced the oil and lamp, the automobile replaced the buggy, and the email replaced the post office.

Looking at the beginning of such advancements reveals certain points.

The carriers of these ideas were regarded as lunatics and either because of the passion for the dream or the beauty of the idea, they kept on. And history remembers that they did – them, and not those who labeled them abnormal.

Of course, there are risks to attempting the unusual. But then, is our current environment the best level of existence possible? Wouldn’t it be worth all the investment finding a cure for cancer? What if there was a way to solve the most complex challenges our world faces? Wouldn’t it be worth it risking all we have come to define as comfort?

There’s so much to be done out there, so much good, so many differences to make.

And by the way, if your sanity has not been questioned in a while, then yes, the system has succeeded and you are now certified normal.



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