How to Avoid the Number 1 Career Mistake

First, know the mistake itself:

Emotional instability when decisions don’t go your way.

Another promotion list was released and Allen had been skipped one more time. Maybe he hadn’t learnt the lessons, maybe someone high up the chain had it in for him; the result was the same. After what he considered much investment, he had been disappointed one more time. So, he did what most normal people would do. He broke down, depressed.

This is where the real problem is.

  1. Outcomes only reflect your approach and are not the definition of your value as a person.

Do not put your chances of success out of your hands. While there are things to learn from every situation, the advancing employee takes responsibility for every situation. Don’t resign to external opinions however accomplished they might be, because at the end of the day, they are simply opinions. Opinions are subjective statements, and not statements of fact. Where decisions go as expected learn why and look to do better as a matter of personal responsibility. If the decision goes otherwise, pick up the pieces as quickly as you can and focus on getting better.

  1. Emerging opportunities hide themselves from the depressed mind.

There are many ways to succeed and failures in one situation have become successes in another.  In fact, some argue that we learn more from failure. Choose to keep your eyes open and improve your value offering to the market. Sometimes, decisions go otherwise because the problem is with the employee. But as every leader knows, the problem is sometimes with the organisation.

  1. Decide independent of the circumstances. This is where it really gets tough. Every day, there will be reminders of this failure, missed opportunity or mistake, and sometimes the easiest way out is to stop trying. But, something to remember is this; everyone has experienced something similar and many have experienced far worse. While I wish you had had all day to feel bad, life goes on (yes, the world keeps moving) and you have to be on that train. Really. Get back to the program. Interpret the signals from the environment and make sound decisions.

The world still needs you.

Pick yourself up.


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