Why You Should Do Good Before You Need To


Kamala Harris is currently the frontrunner for fortuitously opened Senate seat in California. Of course, whether she wins it is another thing entirely. Still, from her history, you see many activities done for the advancement of society.

Some clearly out of her regular calling.

Whether these were pre planned in anticipation of a political appointment (some day), or the decision to run for senate came as an opportunity, something stands out. Doing good, is good and in her case, she now further established as a force for greater good.

There’s an objective to this preamble.

Let the customer know that she comes first, before competition hits and you need to convince her of her value. You never know who’s trying to get your share of his business and just how close they’ve come.

Work to create the image of a team player, before you need it.

Review your public image and improve the perception of your person. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be difficult to work with, by most counts. Work on the attitude issues you know you have, and on the good attitudes you want to cultivate.

Sport is in sky

Be known as being consistent, supportive and creative, BEFORE you’re recommended for the new role (along with the others). There should be a field of business, or line of work where you’re either the best real close to being the best, or working to become the best.

Be effective, and humane, before you need to.

Discover what keeps your market up at night, understand the competition, and understand how illegal activities affect your business. Understand how your people work, and find out what gets them going and what kills their morale. Understand these before you have to, because in the end, these are the roots of sustainable value.


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